Christine Stacey

Christine Stacey

Head Coach / Manager

I can walk on my hands. I made it to the CrossFit Super Regionals two years in a row as well as finished in the top 50 women in the world in my age group (35-39) two years in a row.


Bachelors in Psychology 20 years of Gymnastics Coaching CrossFit specialty classes: Gymnastics Carl Paoli Gymnastics Seminar

About Coach

I've always loved getting to know people and encouraging them to be the best person they can be whether that is inside the gym or outside. I started gymnastics at an early age and stayed committed to competing even past college. I saw the benefit of sticking with something even when there are bumps in the road or challenging times in our life. I found that exercise and competition not only kept me healthy and agile but also gave me fulfillment and happiness. I've loved running a gym where I get to encourage others every day and seeing them stay committed to reaching their goals keeps me going as well.

Turning Point

I've had many turning points in my life that have forced me to take stock of where I am at and choose the next step and goal even if it is not clear. Being a young mom thrusts you into a life of selflessness and putting your needs second. I realized pretty quickly that for me to be the best mom I could be I couldn't just pack up my passions but I needed to find other ways to pursue them. Finding a space that allowed me to bring my kids and pursue fitness and competition again brought me so much joy during some very challenging years.

Motivation & Passion

I LOVE to see people do things they never thought possible. I had one client that finally walked through the door after a year of drive-bys. She could barely lift 5lbs over her head and now she squats 100+lbs and lifts 10X as much weight over her head. I love to see people set goals and shatter them. There is something empowering about building strength and better movement. It transcends gym life and spills into all parts of our lives and I love to see the impact it can have. Secondly, I love to see how our gym becomes a family and community to so many. It's pretty special and all of my best friends have come from this place.

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