Hailey Day

Hailey Day

Student Coach

My strengths are anything pulling. My background in swimming helped me develop good upper body strength. I'm always working on trying to get stronger with my squats and deadlift.


About Coach

I grew up playing water polo and started coaching elementary school water polo once I was a sophomore in high school. I've always liked leading and teaching and seeing the progress that comes from consistency. That transferred to fitness when I started coming to Rebuilt a few years ago. I thought being a fitness coach was something I was interested in. I can help people make progress and better themselves.

Turning Point

A turning point in my life was when I realized I needed to do what I was right, and not what I was told was right. Not everyone's opinion matters. Everyone looks at life through a different lens. Realizing that helped me learn how to work with people despite differences, and I learned how to love everyone more.

Motivation & Passion

I like coaching beginners and students who have a lot to learn but are excited to learn. Seeing them learn and grow with the basic movements and make quick progress is exciting and rewarding to see.

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