Michelle Baker

Michelle Baker

Gymnastics / Oly Coach

My husband says I’m as strong as a medium sized dude. Fun facts: I can back squat 297 pounds and I have deadlifted 385 pounds! I have three beautiful children, I gave birth to one of them in my kitchen.


I have nearly 13 years of competitive gymnastics experience. I was the head coach of CPRD for nearly four years, when I left to begin the children’s gymnastics program at Rebuilt. I have coaching experience in multiple sports, including but not limited to, basketball, volleyball, as well as track and field. I am a CrossFit certified gymnastics instructor, and I am certified in CPR as well as first aide! I have an extensive understanding of functional fitness, and am always looking for ways to further my education.

About Coach

I am fairly certain I came out of the womb, an athlete. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t doing some sort of a sport. As a young girl, I just wanted to do what my brother did, baseball, football, punt pass and kick! I didn’t want to be friends with the guys, I wanted to be one of the guys. My brother has always played an integral role in my athletic career. There was a clear realization for me, that I in fact was not one of the guys, and then came gymnastics my true passion. I was fierce, incredible, fearless, I was a powerhouse. As I grew and entered high school, I found an extreme love for weightlifting. I was the only girl in our weights and conditioning class for close to a year, and the pressure surrounding being a woman in a weight room only seemed to boost my confidence and skill set. Forget being one of the guys, my mission was to demolish them. And in many areas I did. I am beyond thankful to have a such welcoming space to continue pursuing my passions.

Turning Point

I can truly say that I never gave it my all in high school, or even as a young adult. I was an incredible athlete but my work ethic was lacking, entirely. I wish that I could tell you I was afraid of failure, but that is too simple. I was afraid of success. I was afraid of winning. I didn’t have the courage in myself, truthfully I didn’t believe I deserved it. I have spent many years, breaking down those barriers. I can confidently say that despite all of the things that should have beaten me down, buried me, and ruined me, I am resilient. I always get back up. Life, it’s not necessarily about winning, or being the best, it’s about always giving your best, whatever that may be.

Motivation & Passion

I love coaching all skill sets, and all ages. But I would have to say that my true passion, is coaching children. Their light, and their innate nature to find happiness in the smallest of things bring me the utmost joy. The men and women that coached me, played an essential role in my upbringing, in many ways, they helped raise me, and mold me into the woman I am today. I am forever grateful for them.

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